Black Walnut Tea Table Set

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A beautiful walnut wood tea table set has been designed to add character and an elegant look to the room. The table has been hand-sanded, finished, and sealed with lacquer to preserve its raw and rustic wood grain. To complement the table we added a set of chairs consisting of a master armchair and 4 stools, a tea base, and a tea set. The pieces of the set complement each other well to give an elegant look to any tea room. 

 Set Pieces :

  1. Solid walnut wood Tea table: 50’’L x 27.5’’W x 30’’h 
  2. Walnut wood stool (4)  
  3. Walnut Master armchair (1pc )
  4. Black stone tea base ( 20.5’’ x 14.5’’) 1pc 
  5. Rose gold automatic kettle and sterilizer set ( Stainless Steel teapot, temperature control, auto shut-off, automatically add water,110w