Our Story



Eastern Deco: A Fusion of Ancient Craftsmanship and Modern Design


Wood has been a cornerstone of Chinese culture since ancient times, intimately woven into its history and traditions. Eastern Deco embodies this rich heritage, showcasing the oriental beauty and aesthetic philosophy of wood culture. By blending ancient craftsmanship with modern design elements, Eastern Deco creates a unique harmony that is both timeless and contemporary.

Founder’s Vision:

Over the past few years, Mr. Jimmy Fan has traveled the world, dedicating himself to studying and collecting antiques and art treasures. His mission is to promote Chinese culture and share its beauty with a global audience. With the creation of Eastern Deco, he invites guests worldwide to appreciate exquisite wood furniture and Eastern tea art, antiques, porcelains, and other cultural treasures. Visiting Eastern Deco offers a journey into the heart of Chinese culture, history, and artistry.

Our Mission:

At Eastern Deco, we are committed to meeting our customers' needs, upholding the highest standards in wood culture, and utilizing wood materials to design and craft distinctive wood products. We also offer custom designs, allowing you to create a unique piece of yours.

Experience Eastern Deco:

At Eastern Deco, we celebrate the profound beauty of wood and its deep connection to Chinese culture. Join us to explore a world where tradition meets modernity, and discover the serenity and elegance wood furniture brings to any space.