Our Story

Wood is where everything originated. Since ancient times wood has been intimately connected with the Chinese culture. The wood culture exhibits the oriental beauty and promotes its esthetic philosophy, which is where Eastern Deco derived its name.  We combine the ancient craftsmanship with the modern elements to create a unique feature of perfect harmony between the classics and the modern.

Our Mission:
We will do our utmost to follow our customers’ requests, carry out our golden standards in wood culture, and utilize a variety of wood materials to design and craft different styles of wood products. We can also custom-design your unique Eastern Deco that belongs to you only.

Wood is natural and therefore it contains the concept of Yin and Yang of Lao Zi. Furniture made of wood possesses special values which cannot be replaced with steel or other metal products. Wood furniture gives life to its environment and naturally merges its concept of nature with various decorative styles. Having wood furniture at your sweet home and experiencing the harmony of the nature and the people will surely make your day every day. 

For the past years Mr. Jimmy Fan has explored the world in studying and collecting antiques and treasures of art with the mission to promote the Chinese culture. Now that he has created his Eastern Deco, he would love to have guests from everywhere to appreciate the wood furniture, Eastern tea-art, antique porcelains, and other treasures on display. Being here at Eastern Deco will bring you to a world of Chinese culture, history and other wonders.